Nouveaux Produits:
  Las Vegas Summer Festival 1972 (CD)
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  8 mm. The Forgotten Format
  Elvis buckle (boucle)
  August Season In Vegas 1974
  Calendrier Elvis 2023 Danilo 30 x 30 cm.4
  Calendrier Elvis 2024 Danilo 30 x 40 cm.
  Closing Night 1972 (CD)
  Closing Night 1972 (LP clear vinyl)
  Elvis' Christmas Album
  Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas
  Blue Hawaii
  The Complete 1950's Live Recordings
  One Night In Pearl Harbor
  Elvis On Television 1956 - 1960
  From Memphis To Tokyo
  Back In Memphis
  My Treasured Memories Of Elvis (exemplaire signée)
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  Elvis Prodigy Of SUN Records
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  Sold Out - The Ultimate 8 mm Collection Volume 20
  Elvis, Houston, Fort Worth, Baton Rouge
  And then there was Elvis
  Las Vegas Summer Festival 1972 (LP vinyle clear)
  Elvis buckle (boucle)
  The How Great Thou Art Sessions
  Closing Night 1972 (CD)
  Closing Night 1972 (LP clear vinyl)

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